Meditation and mindfulness is a practice that teaches you to slow down racing thoughts, let go of negativity, and calm both your mind and body giving way to a deeper connection within yourself; expect to feel more clarity, less stress and increased productivity and focus. Remember, meditation is a practice, so it's never perfect. You are ready to begin now just as you are!

  • Patricia Yoga Nidra

    Through rest, we receive all the benefits of our physical exercises. Rest also gives the body and mind a chance to relax. This class is an extended savasana (final resting position) practice. In this class you will be guided into relaxation, where you will practice concentration and learn how you...

  • Patricia Moving Meditation (Qi Gong)

    No tights, no mat, no problem. No experience or equipment required for this short moving meditation, all you need is a little space and an open mind. Learn a short form of the ancient Qi Gong practice "Ba Duan Jin". Nourish the body, breath and mind with this fluid practice.

    Open this custom pl...

  • Lina Self Love Meditation

    Reaffirm the love for yourself with this short and sweet Self-Love Meditation. No props needed. No music required. Just breath. Fill up with love so you can reciprocate this love to the planet.