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Watch this video and more on VNYSΛ

Headstand Practice



  • Patricia Hanumanasana Practice

    Work your way into Hanumanasana (splits pose) in this class. This class will train your strength, balance and flexibility. No experience required.

    Open this custom playlist from another device to play alongside while you flow:

  • Lina Balancing Video

    This half-hour tutorial will lead you through some common but tricky standing balancing postures you may encounter in class. The focus will be on breaking down half-moon, warrior 3, eagle, extended hand to big toe, and standing figure 4. Blocks and previous yoga experience are highly encouraged.

  • Aili Arm Balance Break Down

    Learn how to fly! Aili breaks down the steps to get your feet off the floor and soar. Featuring how-to's for crow, side crow and other crow variations, Koundinyasana A & B, Titthibasana and Garland pose.