Breakdown - we break it down! Learn intermediate to advanced yoga postures including inversions, arm balances, tricky balance postures, binds and more. Start with a preparatory flow designed to ready the body and mind for your peak posture. Intended for intermediate to advanced yoga practitioners only. Remember take each step at your own pace. Just like riding a bus - there are many stops you can get off at before you hit your final destination.

  • Core Restore with Kristy

    Restore your core with Kristy! Focus on alignment and form for ultimate results.

  • Patricia Astavakrasana (Eight Angle Pose) Breakdown

    This class will breakdown the popular arm balancing posture, Ashtavakrasana, Eight-angle pose. Learn how to prepare the body, get into the pose, and learn some different approaches to this pose. We recommend a couple of blocks or a couple stacks of books as props if you are new to arm balancing. ...

  • Headstand Practice

    Are we better yogis if we can stand on our heads? Definitely not but if you can, why not add a little more to your practice. Learn other variations of headstand. A STRONG HEADSTAND PRACTICE IS REQUIRED before practicing this class. Make sure you can safely and comfortably hold a headstand for 1 m...

  • Patricia Hanumanasana Practice

    Work your way into Hanumanasana (splits pose) in this class. This class will train your strength, balance and flexibility. No experience required.

    Open this custom playlist from another device to play alongside while you flow:

  • Lina Balancing Video

    This half-hour tutorial will lead you through some common but tricky standing balancing postures you may encounter in class. The focus will be on breaking down half-moon, warrior 3, eagle, extended hand to big toe, and standing figure 4. Blocks and previous yoga experience are highly encouraged.

  • Aili Arm Balance Break Down

    Learn how to fly! Aili breaks down the steps to get your feet off the floor and soar. Featuring how-to's for crow, side crow and other crow variations, Koundinyasana A & B, Titthibasana and Garland pose.

  • Patricia Block Party

    In this class you will learn how to incorporate yoga blocks (or books or water bottles, or any other household item) into your yoga practice. In this class we will explore more supported variations of common yoga poses as well as work into an inversion practice.

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  • Lina Wonder Wall Alignment

    If you want to improve your alignment at home, this is the class for you. In this class, you will learn how to correct your own alignment in common postures with just a wall and some blocks. We recommend you warm-up your body first before starting this class.