Rev it up with Yoga STRONG. A high-energy, fast-paced, power-based vinyasa class combined with light free weights designed to boost your strength, build lean muscle mass and boost your cardio – all fundamental elements to advance your yoga practice above & beyond your expectations.

  • Sarah Remix Class

    An energizing remix of all the best into one dynamic class. This fiery curation of yoga, pilates, HIIT, and cardio will tone, strengthen, stretch, and ignite your core. A full body workout powered by your breath. No props needed. Moderate to intermediate level.

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  • Hailey Flow Burn 2.0

    This 30 minute flow burn class is all about bodyweight sculpting. Expect an ass and abs burn, suitable for all yogis wanting to sculpt and strengthen.

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  • Sarah Hustle & Flow

    Bring on the cardio! Condition your core and get your heart pumping with hi intensity intervals of cardio blasts, plyometrics, strength training all woven together with a powerful vinyasa flow. Boost your metabolism and build lean muscle mass as you move to upbeat tracks. You'll work a serious sw...

  • Liv Core Ignite

    Fire up your core! This is strength-focused, and quick -- we will move from position to position with little rest, but slow powerful movements. The focus is on your core, and is designed to be completed alone, or as a part of another yoga class. You'll need a pair of socks to slide around on the ...

  • Liv Yoga Strong

    Get YOGA STRONG with a focus on full body strength! Prepare for a lot of core and glute work. Optional equipment - light dumbbell weights. For all levels of yogis to enjoy!

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  • Hailey Yoga Strong

    A focus on sculpting muscles through cardio and light strengthening. Enjoy a whole body workout with an emphasis on core and booty work. It can be easily modified to suit any level, but created to challenge intermediate to advanced yogi's wanting a workout-inspired yoga class. We encourage you to...

  • Hailey Flow Burn (A$$+ABS special edition)

    This 20 minute class focuses on strengthening and burning the glute and core muscles through small, controlled, yoga inspired movements. Suitable for yogis wanting to add extra heat and burn to their practice.

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