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Watch this video and more on VNYSΛ

Alia 50/50

FLOWS • 33m

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  • Liv Core Ignite

    Fire up your core! This is strength-focused, and quick -- we will move from position to position with little rest, but slow powerful movements. The focus is on your core, and is designed to be completed alone, or as a part of another yoga class. You'll need a pair of socks to slide around on the ...

  • Kat Power Pilates

    Power yoga meets Pilates. The ultimate mix for a full body workout. Low impact, core-focused and seamed together with a complimenting yoga flow. Build body awareness and muscle tone. Focus on performing exercises with intention and developing a greater understanding of your body. No equipment nee...

  • Lina Hipster

    Hipster or not - this class is for you! Designed to improve hip mobility and stability. Experience both active and passive hip opening postures to improve strength and flexibility of your muscles surrounding the hips.

    Open this custom playlist from another device to play alongside while you flo...